Ew. X))) can’t walk properly cause my aching legs and back and arms and everything!

Putting up a smile though. 😉

When life gives you lemons…make lemonade! X))

I suddenly remembered a commercial, “Thirsty? Lemon Lemon Lemon.”

Okay. This is just so random now isn’t it?

Yeaaaah. Ok, i’ll go now. Kbye. XD



Just passed by 🙂

Probably won’t be blogging much by nextweek.

Our church anniversary is once again drawing near. And of course before the anniv. performances need to be practiced and perfected. So, ONCE AGAIN gonna have practices every week.

Ughh, my body is still aching from when i was practicing some of Janus’ steps and seriously that was one heck of a practice,especially considering that i’m not a great neither a good dancer.

Practice starts tomorrow and my arms,shoulders,legs, neck — my whole body is hurting. Wrong timing for the anniversary practice or for my Janus dance practice? X)

Well then, shall see you spme other time again! Ciao! :*


Delayed Piscspam



Just came by to say that the continuation of the Picspam will be delayed for today.

Apparently, mom and dad has the day off from work today.

Bummer. Cannot use the laptop or the pc.

Sneakily blogging this at the moment. Sshh ok? 😉

To make up for today here’s a photo collage or my dear Twins! X)

Picspam Continuation ;)M

SO yeaaah, 

supposedly I would still be picspamming, but I think I shall stop until there for now.

There are already alot uploaded anyway, uhmm, at least 80+ photos already.

I’ll continue it tomorrow again.

Tune in for tomorrow’s picspam of ;

Kimi to Dance Dance Dance M/V SCAPS



Hitomi No Melody M/V SCAPS


“I’m your Bestfriend.”