♣Chapter 1:Eureka’s Bday♣

There was a boy named Mark Steven who is handsome,smart,athletic but is harsh mostly to girls.Many of them who fell in love and confessed to him were rejected,being left broken hearted.

◄At Eureka’s House►

-A Thursday Afternoon, Eureka and her family came back from Canada a week ao.Tomorrow will be her 14th birthday.-

Enrique:”Eureka,please come down here for a moment.”

Yura:”We have to tell you something.”

◄Eureka comes down from room►

Eureka:”Mom,Dad what is it?”

Yura:”Eureka,we decided to have a ball to celebrate your birthday tomorrow.”

Eureka:”Wha- Really?! Thank you thank you thank you!”

-After their conversation,her parents invited their friends and relatives to come on over tomorrow night for the ball.But Eureka,living in Canada for a long time has no one to invite because most of her friends are from Canada.But lucky for her,Stephanie Mason,her cousin was coming back from her long trip to France tomorrow.-

Eureka:”Hello Angel? It’s me Yuri.I’d like to invite you to the ball my parents organized for my birthday tomorrow

night.Would you like to come?”

Stephanie:”Hello Yuri? I missed you so much! Of course I would like to come,it’s a special day for you!

Eureka:”Really? Thanks Angel!”

◄At Mark’s House►

-Mark’s childhood friend,Luis Vixen invited him to the ball.-

Mark:”Why do I need to go to that stupid ball?

Luis:”Come on Mark! It’ll be fun!”

Mark:”I doubt it.I dont want to go,I’ll be busy.”

Luis:”What will you be busy with anyways?Just this once please?”

-Luis kept on begging Mark until he agrees. Mark grumpily agreed to go.-

◄The Next day, Eureka’s Birthday►

Yura: Honey,where’s Yuri?

Enrique: Maybe she’s still changing. Hold on, I’ll tell Angie to check up on her.

-Enrique goes to Angie and asks Angie,their maid to call Eureka from her room.-

Enrique: Angie.

Angie: Yes sir?

Enrique: Please call Yuri and tell her to come down now.Thank you.

Angie: Yes sir.

◄Angie goes to Eureka’s room►

SFX: Knock knock

Angie enters►

Eureka: (talking to herself) It’s your big day today Eureka. Have fun,fun,fun and enjoy!(takes a deep breath) =)

Angie: Yuri,your parents are calling you now.

Eureka: Yes, in a minute. I’ll be coming down shortly

~Continuation of Eureka’s Birthday on Chapter 2:Introductions*Love At First Sight~


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