♥Chapter 2:Introductions*Love at First Sight*♥ and ♥Chapter 3: The Dance♥

Luis and Mark finally came-When Luis and Mark came,Luis went to look for the restroom(which was upstairs) to fix his tie.But Mark didn’t want to. So he went alone. Since Luis doesn’t know where it is,he asked some of the visitors there. While still looking for the toilet(even though he was upstairs already he doesnt know what direction to go to), he went to the wrong direction,which was where Eureka’s room is located. While searching,Eureka came out from her room.They saw each other and were in a deep silence but eventually introduced themselves to each other.-“Umm..Hi,I’m Luis Vixen…You must be Mr. Enrique and Mrs. Yura’s daughter.”

“Y-yeah,I’m Eureka Izumi Voss.It’s my birthday today.Nice to meet you.”

Luis: Nice too meet you too.

Eureka: Ohh! I gotta go my parents are calling me.See ya!

Luis: O-ok.

-Around the point when Eureka left, Luis started to turn red(aish! he’s blushing!!) and thought to himself that it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.-Meanwhile,Mark was very thirsty so he went to get a drink.At this time around when he was drinking,Eureka was rushing to her parents and bumped into Mark. The drink spilled all over Eureka’s dress and Mark blamede her for it.(just so you know,Mark doesn’t still know that Eureka was Enrique and Yura’s daughter)- Eureka: Ahhh!!(looks at Mark for a second and starts to blush).

Mark:Hey!Watch it! Can’t you watch where you’re going??

Eureka: (hahah shes love strucked XD) *He’s so handsome and cute!!…But hey! what’s with the attitude?*

Mark:Helooo?! Are you even listening?

Eureka: (snaps out of it) Huh?! Ahh! I’m really really sorry. (goes to her parents)

Mark:*sheesh! What’s with her?* X(

When she got to her parents,Stephanie was also there and asked what happened to her dress.- Stepahanie: Yuri! What happened to your dress?Why is there a stain on it?

Eureka: I accidentally bumped into someone and the drink spilled all over it.

Stephanie: tsk tsk! Here you can borrow my shawl for a while until you can get changed later.(hands shawl to Eureka)

Eureka: Thanks Angel(hugs Stephanie)

Enrique: Yuri,get your clothes changed later ok? Now,come on we’ll start the dance.

♫Chapter 3: The Dance♫

-(slow dance..love it!) Her father introduced her to everyone and started the dance.Eureka danced with her father and then with her male cousins and visitors.–After Luis went to fix his tie,he saw Eureka dancing and wanted to dance with her too.Being shy because of his feelings for her,he also asked Mark to dance with her.But Mark recalled that SHE was the one who bumped him a while ago so he refused to dance.(Lusi took a long time in the toilet XD) Luis:=blush= H-h-hey Mark,can you dance with her too?*what a silly thing to say!*

Mark: What?!*she was the one who bumped me earlier right??iI surely DON’T wanto dance with her..she might step on my foot this time tch!)


Mark: No..first you asked me to go and I accepted but THAT only no way.

Luis: Ok ok I’ll go.

Luis asked Eureka to dance with him.-

Luis: Can I have this dance?

Eureka: Luis? (smiles) Yes you may(curtsy)

-Luis and Eureka danced gracefully while the grumpy Mark glared at them.(g-r-u-m-p-y XD)

Next chapter is Chapter 4: You again??

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