~My First True Love~

♥My First Love Story ♥
I am Eureka Voss, a lonely girl who was once very shy, until this boy came and moved to our neighborhood. Upon moving to our neighborhood, he also moved and studied at our school.
One day in school, I introduced myself to him. Still feeling shy, I tried to be confident. I asked his name, his name was Derek Drew. His family was from the United States but his father was assigned to our country here in Australia. His parents were separated for a long time now. He felt very sad about what happened.
The next day in school, he invited me to visit him after school. And I happily accepted the invitation. After our classes, I went to his house and had a great time with him, we played games, shared stories and even talked about our personal lives. We became great friends.
Ever since, he comes to our house every now and then. He brings some chocolates, flowers or even gifts. In a month, it would be our graduation day. This is the time when we may not get to see each other again. Knowing that this might be the last time we’ll ever get to see each other, every day after school we spend some time with each other.
On the very day of our graduation we were all so happy and excited but at the same time Derek and I were sad. We wouldn’t forget all those joyful memories we had. Our parents were so proud of us for studying well and getting very high marks . When our graduation ceremony ended we hugged each other tight and promised to see each other again.
Eureka:*crying* I guess this is goodbye?
Derek: I guess it is, but promise me that you’ll never forget me and our memories together. And I promise to send you letters for how you’re doing here, ok?
Eureka:*sob* yes, I promise
Derek: I’ll never forget you.. L
Eureka: And so will I…


A few years later after college, Derek wrote a letter saying that he was getting married. I felt very upset knowing that he was getting married to another girl. I haven’t told him that I have loved him since the day we met.


Dear Eureka,
          How are you doing? I have good news for you…I’m getting married! I met this very beautiful and nice girl here, her name was Rosaline. We met in a park here in US. Because you’re my closest and greatest friend I’m inviting you to come on our wedding. I am hoping for your arrival! J
                     From your dearest friend,
                                                                               Derek Drew
(Suddenly, my phone rings, it was Derek calling)
Eureka: Hello Derek?
Derek: Hey Eureka, long time no see. How are you? Hope you’re okay. Did you receive my letter? So are you coming?
Eureka: I’m fine and yes I received your letter but I don’t think I might be able to come. I will be busy at work at that day.
Derek: Oh, that’s ok. I was just really looking forward to it.
Eureka: But congratulations and thank you anyway for the invitation.
Derek: You’re welcome. I’ll just talk to you next time. Bye!
Eureka: Ok bye…I
( Before I could even say I Love you to him he already ended our conversation.)
I tried to think about what I said to him earlier, about being busy on their wedding day. I thought hard and decided to go but only listen to their exchanging of “I DOs”. I wouldn’t want to let them see me since I lied to Derek about not going then suddenly I would arrive without even telling him the truth. Days have passed and it was almost the wedding, only one more day to go.
And at last it was their wedding
I dressed color black because I can’t accept the fact that he’s getting married. I peeked at the front door while he’s saying “I do. While I’m watching him there was someone who noticed me, the owner of the  reception, named Mark Steven. Mark shout loudly when Rosaline was about to say “Yes”. Mark thinks that I’m planning something unpleasant that could ruin the wedding. I explained everything to him and he eventually understood it.
Mark: I’m so sorry miss I thought you were going to cause disaster during their wedding.
Eureka: That’s alright. It was just a misunderstanding.
Mark: Thank you very much…
Mark: (to people) Sorry if I shouted and distracted you all …( to the priest) um father can you please repeat the question to Rosaline again?
Priest: As you wish Sir.
After apologizing, Derek saw me and ran to me. I was afraid because I lied to him. Derek shouted my name and I quickly ran far away from the church. Rosaline was curious, she wants to know why Derek shouted the name of a person. Rosaline asked Derek why he’s shouting, Derek answered, “She’s my dearest friend and childhood friend since I moved in Australia”. Rosaline was shocked and she was questioning herself why he didn’t invite her. The Priest asked again the question and Rosaline already said “Yes”. I heard it and cried because I will never be with him forever. Mark saw me crying at the sidewalk, he just comforted me and treated me in his own restaurant. I thanked him and he drove me to his house. Mark asked me if I have a boyfriend and I answered “No”.
Mark: Why were you outside the church earlier? Weren’t you invited?
 Eureka: Because that guy in the altar was my childhood and greatest friend. He invited me but I rejected his invitation because I can’t accept the fact that he’s getting married.
Mark: Do you love him?
Eureka: Yes, I love him. He’s nice, good, understanding, charming, and I know he can help you in your problems. I know that the girl he will marry is so lucky.
Mark: And I’m sure that the guy who will marry you will also be lucky.
Eureka: Why?
Mark: I know that deep inside of you is a loving and caring person.
Eureka: *giggling*How could you say that?, They will just leave me like Derek did. *starting to tear up*
But Mark didn’t answer. In the morning Mark carried my luggage and drove me to the airport. When I was on the plane I was thinking about what had happened in the wedding and at the same time I was thinking about what Mark told me yesterday that the guy who will marry me would be so lucky. When I got to Australia, I went to roam in Warren National Park in Margaret River, Western Australia. My cell phone rings and it was Derek calling. I tried not to answer it but he keeps on calling. But finally he stopped though that wasn’t the end he texted me again and again asking if he had hurt me, am I ok, I got so annoyed! My cell phone rang again, it was Mark after all, I had thought that it was Derek again.
Mark: Hi “LUCKY Girl”
Eureka: Hey stop saying that!
Mark: Oops!
Eureka: That’s ok.
Mark: I have something to tell you..
Eureka: What’s that Mark?(Suddenly the call was ended)
(Mark didn’t get the chance to say what he was supposed to say)
Eureka: MARK STEVEN!!!
Mark: (annoying Eureka) Hello sweetheart how’s our baby? Is our baby ok?
Mark: Hello ma’am Welcome to KFC may I take your order?
Mark: Sorry…Can you forgive me?
Eureka: Yes but don’t do that again.
Mark:  Ok as you wish your majesty..
Eureka: Mark..
Mark: ok..ok..ok
After that call, my doorbell rang. I was shocked for it was…. Derek!
Eureka: Derek! What are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here!
Derek: Hi Eureka. Why, am I not welcome here?
Eureka: It’s just that…….*became speechless*
Derek: How are you? Why aren’t you answering any of my calls or messages? Is there a problem?
Eureka: I’m fine Derek, in fact I’m as happy as could be! *pretending*
Derek: Eureka, please tell me the truth I know that I had hurt your feelings. But why didn’t you tell me that you were going to my wedding?
Eureka: ….I was….Ok If you want to know the truth then here it is. I LOVE You Derek, I love you so much. I just didn’t have the courage to tell you. And when you told me you were about to get married.. I was so heartbroken. I just don’t want to let you go but since you’re married, I guess this is the LAST time you’ll see me. *crying*
Derek: Eureka, but I..
Eureka: No Derek. Just go..Please
Derek hugged me tight before going. When Mark came home saw me crying. He comforted me and I was feeling ok.
Mark: Are you feeling ok now?
Eureka: Yes. Thank you for comforting me.
Mark: Remember the thing I was going tell you a while ago?
Eureka: Yes, what was it anyway?
Mark: Eureka, I.. Love.. You
Eureka: ….. Mark?
Mark: I have loved you since the day you told me about you and Derek. I knew that he wouldn’t come back to you anymore. I’m just so lucky that I met you.
Eureka: I don’t know what to say Mark…
Mark: Please Eureka, I want you to love me. I’m never going to leave you. Please Eureka.
Eureka: Sorry Mark but I still love Derek even if he’s with another girl. I’ll never forget him. He’s my greatest friend,
Mark left after I said that. I didn’t know what to do, I still love Derek. Why did this ever happen? I shouldn’t have lied to Derek.
Because of all the problems happening now, I decided to go to a very far place. I went to Russia and started a new life there. I never went back to Australia. I forgot about what had happened with Derek and I. I am now living a happy life here.
2 years later, I have a boyfriend now, he’s a half Australian named Kent Burris. Kent and I are living happily in Moscow , Russia, Kent’s parents were separated because of the money and Kent stayed with his mother because his father left them . When Kent was 10 years old, His Mother died when his little sister was born. Kent and his little sister , Karoline Burris, lived with their grandmother.
I am now very happy with my life with Kent after four months, we would finally get married. Even though I am still feeling sad because of Derek’s wedding, I decided to invite him to our wedding. Our wedding will be held in Australia, to remind me of the memories I had with Derek and also to remind me of the day when I had my FIRST LOVE. ☺

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