☼Chapter 4:You again??…My classmate?!!!!☼

One morning-

Mark went to the convenient store to buy a drink before going to school.He opened it and when he was about to pay for what he bought,SOMEONE bumped into him..and again,it was Eureka.

Mark: “Hey watch where you’re going!”

Eureka: “Sor– huh?”

Mark: Huh?

Both: “You’re that boy/girl from before!”

Mark:”Once again,your clumsiness STRIKES!!Look at what you did to my shirt! It’s the first day of school and this happens!

Eureka:”I’m really so so sorry! I didn’t mean to ,it was an accident!”

Mark:”Whatever!” sheesh!

Eureka: =frown=

Mark went to school leaving Eureka in a gloomy state because of what happened.

Mark:”Morning Luis.”

Luis:”Morni- woah! What happened to your shirt?

Mark: That girl bumped me and the drink spilled on my shirt.

Luis: “??Who’s that girl?”

Mark:”Never mind”

~Going back to Eureka.

While on her way to school,she met Stephanie on the way.She asked why Eureka was feeling *down in the dumps.(*down in the dumps is an idiomatic expression meaning feeling sad,lonely or depressed)

Stephanie: Morning Yuri! Huh? What the matter?

Eureka: I feel bad about bumping into someone and suddenly spilling the drink in him. I think he’s still mad at me….

Stephanie:Is that it? That’s no big deal Yuri!It’s not like you’ll ever see him again right?

Eureka:…….*I’m not so sure about that*

Stephanie: Come on cheer up! It’s the first day of school and you’re all sad and depressed.

Eureka: (faintly) Ok.

The two girls went to school together excited about their new school year.

=At Whitney Highschool(Cerritos CA)=

Stephanie: Let’s go check out what class we’re in. _goes to check bulletin board_ oohhh..so crowded in here

hmmm….Oh look we’re in the same class!

Eureka: You’re right! Let’s see we’re in Class… 6-2!

At the same time,Luis was also checking what class they’re in while waiting for Mark to change his clothes. Eureka and Stephanie went to their rooms eventually.

Luis: Mark we’re in class 6-2

Mark:We’re in the same class….again.

Luis:Wouldn’t that be fun? ^^

Mark: (sarcasm) Yeah it would be.

Luis: _rubs Mark’s head_ Let’s go!

After checking the bulletin they then went to their classroom.When inside they picked a seat and sat down.Mark not noticing that Eureka was sitting beside her talking to Stephanie.

Eureka: _whispering to Stephanie_ I hope we can make friends here.

Stehpanie: We’ll be fine! Don’t worry

Eureka: _smiles_

When Eureka turned around she was shocked when once again she saw the boy who she likes but was rude to her since her birthday and that morning.

Eureka: u-u-uhhh!

Mark: Hm? _Sees Eureka_ You again?

Eureka: What are you doing here?

Mark: I told you earlier that I was going to SCHOOL remember?

Eureka: Y-yeah..

Luis: Eureka? It is you! Long time no see!

Eureka? Eh? L-luis?

Luis: Yeah it’s Luis!How’s it going?

Eureka: Fine ^^

Luis: Oh is she your friend? (referring to Stephanie)

Eureka: Well no,she’s my cousin,Stephanie

Stephanie: Nice to mett you _shakes Luis’ hand_

Luis: _shakes her hand_ Nice to meet ya too ^^

Luis: Oh right he’s Mark he’s my cousin too!

Eureka: _shocked_ *H-h-him??!* Your c-cousin?

Luis: mm-hmm.!

Mark: Got a problem?

Eureka: _shook head_

Luis: Sorry he’s a little rude.

Eureka: *A LITTLE??*

Luis: Do you know each other?

Eureka: No

Mark: No.

Luis: Oh ok then

Stephanie: _pats Eureka’s back_whispers_ Hey Yuri in fairness they’re both cute! ^3^

Eureka: Uh heh yeah..

Stephanie: So who’s your bet?

Eureka: Huh?

Stephanie: Who do you like?Mark: or Luis?

Eureka: _blush_ M–m

Stephanie: Mark.

Eureka: _nods_

=Bell rings and classes started=


Story continues on next chapter ¶Chapter 5: “I Think She Likes You”¶

Look Forward to it!

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