Its impossible!! I can’t go on like this…..okay so this post will be related to my very last post which was “Moving On” so here’s the thing I thought that it would be easy for me to forget him but I was wrong  I should have never ignored the “So easy to remember but so hard to forget” saying. first of all I see him at school, second even on weekends or holidays where I don’t get to see him he always suddenly pops out in my head and lastly he’s all that I can think about! I don’t get why love is so hard!

Another saying I know related to this is “So easy to fall in love but so hard to let go”…Why is love like this? So many questions I want to ask but sadly I think maybe non of us really knows anyway. I guess when we fall in love we really do learn lessons.

Well, anyways he may be just a distraction because God is still writing my love story, maybe still searching for”The One”

Okay so this is the ending for today’s blog. See ya actually there’s still another blog for today hahaha #justsayin

So byee! Love you xoxo ♥


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