♥Friends Again?♥

Okay! So yesterday I was blogging about the fight between the girls…(fight? not really) and Casey was absent they were supposed to have their “prangkahan”  yesterday. But now she was present. When I came in the classroom this morning she was with some of our boy classmates. And some of the girls were sitting near the door.

The next one during our MAPE class (teacher didn’t come by the way) the girls went outside with Casey and had the “prangkahan” session. So they were in a small circle talking about the lies Casey had said and all those stuff. But I didn’t dare to listen, to be honest I wanted to listen but that might be much of a problem. hehe..

When they came back to the room, well they were talking…..after a little while. They didn’t ignore Casey nor shouted at her or fought or anything. They were back to normal. As normal as they can get everyday. =D

I’m not sure if they’re friends again. But I’m glad they’re happy again. =D Here’s the last of my post gonna o do some chores. heheh. #BV


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