Done with the Exams ;D

hey hey hey guys! its me again!

did ya miss me? of course you wont haha :)))

ok so today was the last day of our final examinations….

im still nervous though..i want to be the valedictorian no matter what since our parents are already planning on making us study in the philippines…Seriously,I dont like that.

I still want to stay here in PISCO.

And i still want to see my crush. hhahah #cheesy much? ikr.

so there were three exams given back already and so far my mistakes are 9,3,3. The 9 mistake test was in Mathematics. yeah im kinda slow at that heheh…

anyway,i think that i’ll get less mistakes in others too cause when we did the exam surprisingly i knew most of the answers. ok to be clear here. Im not bragging.Just “thinking”.that aint bad right? i guess not.

Ok so here’s the last of it..oh right! before i forgot…i would be going to school  on sunday to get back other exams and for the signing of the clearance which is very much needed for us to graduate. and on Monday would be the mass. i was assgined to make a 2-3 paragaph thank you letter. sigh i wish i hadnt exchange places with Reanne to be the reader.. ohgosh.. =.=>>> the next days after that tuesday wednesday and thursday would be graduation practice and on Friday would be our MOST AWAITED HAPPY AND SAD GRADUATION DAY!WOOHOO!


Hapy Graduation Day!~


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