Long time no post.


Ohaaaiii! Very very long time since I’ve posted something here. :/ I’ve been  more active on Wattpad and Twitter.

Haaaa. It’s November agaaain. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

It’s already Halloween and not so long before once again it would be CHRISTMAS TIME!! And then it would be me and my brother’s birthday on the 27th of December. And my classmate PJ’s on the 26th, our dad’s birthday on the 28th and a cousin of ours would have her birthday on the 29th and luckily it would be our WINTER BREAK!! Woooohoooo! Party party. =)))

But as of now,it would be our 2nd Preliminary Exams this Sunday on the 4rth 5th and 6th of November. Im quite determined to get high grades this year..well. AGAIN. haha

Anyways I have this kind of a problem between a FRIEND of mine..and i dont know if our friendship is going too well? SIGH. Im really sorry that’s what i wanna say. And now i wanna come back? Ugh. STUPID. Im so STUPIIID!! -,- Hurtful.

Anyways see you nexime guys!!

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