Merry Christmas (/•>3<•)/ ~♥~




December now. How the time flies by so fast. =))

Can you feel Christmas in the air?

I can. The air is so cooold. Especially last night. it’s like a hurricane was headed our way.

Although, im not expecting a white christmas here.

Really? UAE? Snow? Oh yeeeeah. That wold happen *insert sarcastic tone here* XDD

Anyways,what do you have in store for Christmas this year? 😀

It would be a surprise if you’d be going to a waterpark in such cold weather,although, there might be exceptions.

Im so excited for the gift-giving,the food,huge,bright Christmas Trees, winter air,and the Love everywhere!


of course we shouldnt forget that the day of Christmas aint just about all these.

Remember also that this is the day where Christ,our Savior was born.

=)) ♥

F E E L     T H E      L O V E     P E O P L E !!! ~☻

Make your plans,wrap your gifts, go caroling! All is well on Christmas Day. 😀

"It's better to Give than to Receive.""Enjoy your day on Christmas Day!"

“It’s better to Give than to Receive.”
“Enjoy your day on Christmas Day!”


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