“I;m your Boyfriend!~” complaints complaints. tsktsk. ;)


It has only been a few days since I started being a fan of Boyfriend and it feels like it’s been a long time already. Haha! =))

Their movie Go Go Ikemen 5 has just been released and I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want to watch it! XC I also wanted to go to their 1st Premiere Stage Greeting. 

aww fuii~

Times like this..I really wished we lived in Japan or Korea or the Philippines or China or Taiwan…just all the places where KPop idolls usually visit X3

They’ll be having their comeback in August, but I’m guessing that school has already started by then,which I hope wouldn’t yet. I even asked for the link of their comeback’s live stream.

Seriously, I wished it was so easy. If only I could read and understand all the languages/dialects in the world, I would;t care if a video was english subbed, Thai subbed, Chinese subbed or any subtitles at all! I could read them anyway if I can.

Aren’t these boys just charming? >3< fangirl mode kekeke~



GoGo Ikemen 5

GoGo Ikemen 5

Go Go Ikemen 5 - BOYFRIEND~

Go Go Ikemen 5 – BOYFRIEND~

Haaa..it’s hard being ordinary unlike people you can see in the movies. But what can I say? We wouldn’t be here if we weren’t even created. Less complaining for me then. whoo. :))