Summer is officially here!

So yeah, this might be a little late already since our summer vacation from school has already started from I guess 2 – 3 weeks ago?

Who cares if it’s late, it’s still summer anyway right? Until we get back to school our fun summer would really end. hahaha.

I have a lot of things going on this Summer.

From fangirling over Boyfriend, taking a 3week vacation in the Philippines, filing a case at the Police station and lots more.

Kinda not the summer I was hoping for, since almost every Summer vacation of mine is just the usual stay at home-eat-sleep and all.

But I guess this year has been different. =)))

School is just a few more weeks away. haaa. I wonder who my classmates will be? I hope memoatta will still be together by then. Well, we’ll just wait and see. 😀

ciao for now~ 😉 ❤

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